Tips for Sellers

Selling in a buyers market...

You can increase your chance of selling your house in a reasonable time by following a few good guidelines.

  1. It’s important to have a realistic selling price that is backed up by the most current market comparables in your area. Everyone has to play the cards they’re dealt, but the following tips can significantly increase your odds in any market.

  1. Buyers usually don’t want to buy a house that needs a lot of work unless it's an absolute bargain. There may be circumstances where I seller makes the choice to list a property as-is, and some will want to have the best product out there!

  1. Make it a turnkey. The word “turnkey” means a property is ready for immediate use. Everything has to be ready to roll, hiring a house inspector before putting the house on the market can help find problems that will be revealed during escrow. Basically, taking away opportunities to say no.

  1. Scope out other houses for sale. Visit open houses see what your completion has to offer. Go out with an objective mind set. Look at everything from a buyers viewpoint

  1. Listen to what buyers are talking about. Is there something you can do in your own home to make it more presentable?

  1. Visit new construction homes see what amenities and incentives the builders are offering.

  1. Just simply get a feel for what your buyers today are looking for!


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